#wrk's purpose

In the summer of 2017, I set out on a mission to share the stories of inspired, driven and purposeful leaders, so that their knowledge and insights can be harnessed by anyone in accomplishing their goals.

I started this project as at the time, I was unsure of the trajectory that my own career was headed in and realized that the best way to figure out what I wanted to do next was to speak with leaders doing interesting work at different stages of their careers and lives. I realized after starting to network though that if I felt that way about my own situation, there must be others out there who felt the same. Because of that realization, I felt driven to start sharing the lessons that I was learning with others so that more people than I could benefit from the advice I was hearing. To this day, I continue to be thankful for all of the amazing people who are willing to share their time and stories with me and for all of you chose to read them.

This blog is a collection of stories, lessons and ideas that are inspired by inspiring people.